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The Team

At Jigsaw the staff team are dedicated to helping children enjoy and achieve, and every child is given an equal chance to accomplish goals and fulfill tasks and activities. All children are observed to enable staff to identify every child’s individual needs. Through well planned activities based on each child’s personal interests and development needs. We are able to maximize learning opportunities giving enjoyment and challenge to help every child fulfill their potential.

All staff are trained to the highest national standards (NVQ level 4,3 and 2, NNEB and foundation degree) or are in the process of achieving such qualifications.

All staff are DBS checked upon joining the Company. (DBS = Disclosure Barring Service).
Our staff receive a comprehensive induction programme of training as they start their career with us. Their induction covers subjects such as Paediatric First Aid, Basic Food Hygiene, Child Protection and Prevent Duty Training. They also familiarise themselves with our standards and procedures through our thorough and extensive room practices.

Staff ratios are:

1:3 for 0-2 year olds.
1:4 for 2-3 year olds.
1:8 for 3-5 year olds.

Meet The Team

Claire Taylor

Charlotte Thomas
Deputy Manager

Beckie Atkinson
Deputy Manager

Nicki Larby
Head of room and Senior staff member
Teenies and SENCO

Lacey Gray
Nursery Nurse - Teenies

Emily Campbell
Head of Room - Tweenies

Keeleigh Unsworth
Deputy Head of Tweenies

Amy Gray
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Courtney Haydock
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Jodie McKinney
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Vicky Kaye
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Rosie Miller
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Tilly Owens
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Rebecca Hughes
Nursery Nurse - Tweenies

Sabrina Williams
Head of room  - Toddlers

Angie Davies
Deputy Head of Room - Toddlers

Hannah Davies
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Amy Boateng
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Emily Keay
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Charlotte Parry
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Rea Gentile
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Skye Paul
Nursery Nurse  - Toddlers

Malissa Cartwright
Nursery Nurse - Toddlers

Claire Ryan

Head of Room and Senior Staff Member - Tots and SENCO

Leah Brookes
Head of Room - Tots

Casey Stevenson
Deputy Head of Room - Tots

Becca Sands
Nursery Nurse Head of  Tots

Carol Worthing
Nursery Nurse - Tots

Kaisey Edge
Nursery Nurse - Tots

Beth Ashbrook
Nursery Assistant - Tots

Emily Baker
Nursery Assistant - Tots

Rachel Young
Nursery Nurse - Tots

Kirsty Roberts
Head of Room - Tikes Lodges

Jen Micklethwaite
Deputy Head of Room - Tikes Lodge

Hilda Kadarne Szasz
Nursery Nurse - Tikes Lodge

Nia Ashbrook
Nursery Nurse - Tikes Lodge

Kelsey Moorfield
Nursery Nurse - Tikes Lodge

Becci Jones
Head of Room - Tops

 Leanne Lefley
Deputy Head of Room - Tops 

 Aaron Mulligan
Nursery Nurse -  Tops 

 Sian Davies
Nursery Nurse - Tops and SENCO

Melissa Finnegan
Nursery Nurse - Tops

Kayleigh Corbett
Nursery Nurse - Tops

Beth Jones
Head of Room - Out of School Club 

Stephanie Tansley
Supply Nursery Nurse

Cherie Roberts
Supply Nursery Nurse

Tia Lowes
Nursery Assistant

Angel Morris
Nursery Apprentice

Dee Mason
Kitchen Manager

Karen William
Kitchen Assistant